Neil Hale became a pioneer when he chose to write to non-country music in 1989. Cruisin' choreographed to Beach Boys Still Cruisin' became an INSTANT world-wide hit and is considered a line dance classic. 

In 1993, Neil Hale choreographed Hot Tamales, pure country western patterns, to Country Down To My Soul by Lee Roy Parnell.
A short video clip taken by CJ Jones of Neil Hale on the floor w/San Francisco Bay Area Dancers dancin' Hot Tamales.

2007 Rob Fowler demos Cha Cha Lengua
Cha Cha Lengua choreographed in 1994 to Un Momento Alla by Rick Trevino was published in The Big Book of Country Western Line Dancing in 1996 (NAP Productions complied by Nancy & Aubrey Woodroof) and labelled 'advanced'.
Cha Cha Lengua's organic unity of composition is evident; The reverse 1/2 turn spiral is the innovative movement that propells Cha Cha Lengua into comtempory status. Choosing to pair pattern sequences to a Spanish Country ballad, is creative bonus. 
Cha Cha Lengua, written 20+ years ago, earns Neil Hale the title of Trailblazer for his artistry in creating timeless choreography. 

Neil Hale first stepped onto the dance scene in the early 80's, teaching line dance on the Swiss Park Stage in Fremont, CA. He choreographed Cruisin' in 1989; The world-wide hit continues to be taught and danced in clubs around the world in 2005. Cruisin' earned him the title: 'God Father of line dance' but he followed with Cha Cha Lengua, (these are interesting VINTAGE youtube links) Mustang Sally, Linda Lu, Hot Tamales, & Ribbon of Highway. Neil's Storybook Endings, written in 1999, still finds its way onto request lists across the world. His DJ credits include 'the big' events in Reno & Vegas in the early 1990's.
He has built a devoted fan base in the San Francisco Bay Area he and Linda call home.

The All-Time Top 10 here in Port Talbot, United Kingdom February 6, 2016 (DJ Dave Baycroft)
#10-Doctor Doctor #9-Hit The Floor #8-Hot Tamales #7-Jealousy #6-Jukebox #5-We're Alive #4-Chill Factor
#3-Patient Heart #2-Somebody Like You #1-Razor Sharp
2014 Windy City Chicago Event ~ 2AM on Saturday OUR amazement, Louie called Cruisin' all the while Will Craig took the mic and SANG Brooks and Dunn's Neon Moon while we danced. WOW, what a memory for Neil Hale's classic dance on this FIRST time for Windy City to feature a 'Classic Dance Room' ...Will Craig singin' Country will forever be etched in my brain! The DUDE is a Fireball! 

In 1997
One Toke Over The Line written to - One Toke Over The Line by Brewer & Shipley. In section 4 of the 64/4 dance Neil Hale describes a 'spiral' 1/2 turn. This is the FIRST documented spiral turn in line dance choreography.

Neil Hale's classic dances on youtube in 2010

Plano, TX line dance class performs Hot Tamales January 1st to kick off the New Year!

Neil Hale's classic dances on youtube in 2009

Malaysia dances his 1997 Ribbon of Highway ...also played at Windy City Event in 2009!

Taipei Community College performs Ribbon of Highway in July

USA dances Hot Tamales on a YAUGHT ...Hot Tamales also played at Las Vegas Explosion in 2009!

In February All That Line Dance in Korea dances Cruisin'

In April Linda Lu (1992) was the class teach at Los Altos Senior Center
Several dancers are 90+, one lady is 100 years young in this video.

French dancers performed Running Bear (1997) in September.

France dances his 1993 world wide hit ...Hot Tamales

The Netherlands dances Cha Cha Lengua

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