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September 2000

The Country Western Line Dance Community is fortunate to have found the creators of the waltz that is still being taught & danced throughout the world ...thanks so much to Lois & John Nielson for sharing with us a signed copy of their classic dance.

Waltz Across Texas ...1 wall, 48 count dance by Lois & John Nielson
Music: Waltz Across Texas
by Ernest Tubb, Willie Nelson, and Charlie Daniels
The signed original step sheet for the classic line dance created in the mid 70's.

Lois and John Nielson of Lakeville, Massachusetts choreographed the classic line dance Waltz Across Texas ...Lois explains it started for them ...

In 1974 the Senior Citizens held a dance to raise money for their organization. There was a lack of dance partners for all the ladies, so three of these ladies, one of whom was my mother, Abbie Demers, asked me to teach them line dancing, so the next time at a dance, they would be able to get up and join in with the dancing.

John and I had been taking line dance instructions for 3 years at the Metroname Dance Studio, and so I was ready to help these ladies out.

In 1975 - I started with a class of 18 men and women. I taught classes in many of the surrounding towns and we named our class The Nemasket Line Dance Club...and I had classes many times weekly, and Friday night dances, and Sunday afternoon parties, and many trips to Resorts, where we did our line dancing to all kinds of music. We kept the Senior Citizens very busy, and they loved it.

John and I choreographed many dances, over 100 for myself, many have been declared "classic dances."

John and I choreographed Waltz Across Texas, we also had done other waltzes, but Waltz Across Texas seemed to be the favorite. Edith Pyder, from California, also a teacher, came to Massachusetts and picked up this dance, along with 100 or so others, and teaches them across the country.

I had thought the popularity had dwindled so I was very pleased when Evelyn Khinoo called me (September 2000) and told me how popular Waltz Across Texas was in her area....(the San Francisco Bay Area).

She also has used a variation in music (for the steps to Waltz Across Texas) and her pupils like the change.

I think changes in music are very helpful in all dances, as you might be out somewhere and while you don't hear the music you are used to - you can adapt and enjoy doing the dance anyway....(signed) LAN

Lois continues to teach line dance in her area and is the choreographer of such classics as ...Nemasket Memories (1980), Somebody To Love, Smile Away Each Rainy Day, Caring, and Loving You.

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LAKEVILLE John A. Neilson, age 92 years, of Lakeville, died peacefully, Friday, Dec. 12, 2008, at Alden Court Nursing Center, in Fairhaven, with his family by his side. He was the husband of the late Lois A. (Demers) Neilson. He was also a member of Central Baptist Church since 1955, serving on the Standing Committee and other committees for many years. He enjoyed gardening,dancing with the Nemasket Line Dance Club and was devoted to his family and church.