Line Dance Fun March 2011
~ written by Line Dance Historian, Doris Volz

Norman Gifford is a California dancer, instructor and choreographer of the mega world-wide hit ...Burlesque - a tango written December 5, 2010 to Welcome to Burlesque by Cher.
BURLESQUE is FIRST line dance 'gone viral via Youtube' to reach world-wide HIT status!
NO promotion was needed from Norm Gifford except to publish his dance with Kickit, World Linedance Newsletter (Carol Craven), Linedancer Magazine, Copperknob, and Sidewinders to achieve recognition.
Burlesque has been documented as a request that filled the floors at 5 (Denmark, UK, CA (USA), TX (USA) & IN (USA) EVENTS w/o benefit of a prior workshop teach AND within TWO months of release.

IN 2010
5 December 2010 Burlesque (Norman Gifford) is published to the Internet.
9 December 2010 Juliet Lam/students Youtube Burlesque but w/o written ending.
IN 2011
8 January Norman Gifford Youtubed Burlesque (per numerous email requests from instructors around the world) to specifically include the written ending.

28 - 30 January Linedancer Magazine 15th Crystal Boot Awards Weekend in the UK documents Burlesque on the playlist with 3 plays (posted by EVENT DJ Gary Lafferty)

31 January Dancin' with the SoCal Stars documents Burlesque on the 100 dances w/LouAnn Schemmel.

17 - 20 February Big ‘D’ Bash in Dallas, TX - Burlesque included on the EVENT Thursday nite playlist (published list is on Ruben Luna's FaceBook Page)

04 -06 February Scott Blevins teaches Burlesque at 2011 ACWDA in Tulln, Austria (near Vienna)

24 - 27 February Scott Blevins teaches Burlesque Friday @ 2011 Ft. Wayne Dance For All (Indiana USA)
From FebruaryDanceBlog comments from The Ft. Wayne Dance For All, "Thursday evening began at 8 with ALL demos for the weekend workshops both line and couples. JP = DJ in the main ballroom. He started with Chill Factor ...the floor had a comfortable capacity for 300 and Chill Factor JAMMED that floor! Burlesque (was the Number ONE dance on the Weekly Survey during this time period and
"was very popular in particular" (quote from Big Dave in the UK) last weekend at the 2011 February Newline Danish event where some mainstream hits are played) was NEXT ...Norm Gifford's dance was played all 3 nites at the Dance For All, increasing each nite to near capacity."

By mid February & March, 2011 Burlesque was placing # 1 in the top 10 Dance Charts on and #1 on the World Dance Newsletter weekly world survey.

THIRTY-ONE plus videos of Burlesque are on Youtube w/200+K viewings!
You can email Normam Gifford at:

Norm's bio statement:
As a “single again” person in the late 1980’s, I turned to Country Western dancing and music as a way to re-enter the dating scene.  I joined a local country dance club where I was privileged to take couples lessons from such greats as Dave Getty, Robert Royston, and Michelle Kinkaid along with other excellent local instructors.  My interest in line dancing came when my then girlfriend, now wife (a linedance teacher and social country dancer) suggested that teaching line dancing might be a good thing for me to do.  Achy Breaky Heart had recently hit the air, and linedancing was enjoying a great deal of interest.  I started taking line dance lessons and soon had other dancers asking me for help with dance steps.  My education as a Chiropractor gave me a good understanding of biomechanics and with a B.A. in Music Education, I found that I could teach others how to enjoy dancing.   

My first teaching job was in 1993 at a mobile home park teaching senior citizens how to line dance.  The gratitude and appreciation that I received from them spurred me into expanding my teaching activities into Park & Recreation districts all around the greater Sacramento area.  For many years I taught up to eight classes per week of beginner and intermediate dancing.  The need for a safe, social environment in which to linedance led my wife & I to sponsor dances through the various Park & Recreation Districts where we taught.  I became the DJ, and my wife took over the task of  assisting beginners at the dances.  We presently do a dance each month on the first Friday evening at the Clarke Dominguez Gym in Rocklin, CA. 

In 1996, the need for new line dances that appealed to my students led me into linedance choreography.  I have created over 75 linedances over the years (some of which I would just as soon forget) but am thrilled at the success that “Burlesque” has garnered.  I was inspired to do the dance after watching the credits to the movie Burlesque where Cher sang the song “Welcome to Burlesque”.  Reflecting back, I was also driven by the music to choreograph “Sway Me Now” in 2005 after seeing the movie “Shall We Dance?” with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez.

I have had the privilege to be an invited instructor at the Pismo Beach Country Western Dance Festival, subsequently Clovis Western Days, and Cambria Western Dance Festival.  I have been the DJ for Scooter Lee’s “Dancing for the Dream” event in the Sacramento area since 2008. 

My dance choreography can be found on my website and on a variety of other sites including Linedancer Magazine, Kickit, and Copperknob
© March 2011

Carol and Cindy dance
d on the 'Boogie weekend' w/Mr. Burlesque
is # 1 on the weekly survey ending 3/20/2011 w/56 votes
has 33 youtubes listed on the copperknob step sheet!
Carol ...give
s us the following scoop! (March 18th - 19th 2011)
The weather outside may have been rainy, cold and windy, but once inside things sure warmed up. Checked into the Corning Holiday Inn Friday afternoon and after  a short drive to Oroville, the weekend began with a  Friday night of dancing with head penguin and dj, Cindy Aldrich.  It was a night filled with requests that kept us on the floor dancing.  Thank you Cindy for the , let the fun begin, kick off dance on Friday and sure hope you will continue doing so.  Those of us who were there also went last year and will be looking forward to more years to come.  

Just walking into the Boogie event on Saturday morning,  one could feel and hear the excitement of the dancers.  The tables were already decorated and filled with all sorts of food.  Each one unique.  JP began the music around 11 AM and the teaches began at 11:30.  The level of the dances taught were done with all attendees in mind.  It gave the opportunity for all to be able to be on the floor learning and not feeling like they would need to sit and watch.   Open dancing between teaches helped to refresh the mind or to be able to just sit and watch while resting ones feet. 

A high light of the afternoon is when Norm Gifford (Mr. Burlesque) was introduced to the crowd. It is a special treat to get to see the choreographer and to be able to dance their dance with them. Norm went up on the stage and the Burlesque music began.  It also helped many to see how the dance should end. Hope all were watching.  What fun that was.  

The evening started at 7 PM with entertainment, which is always fun to watch.  Couple of great dance routines, sumo wrestlers and then the 7 Expressions.  Their routine brought tears of laughter.  If you have never seen one of their routines, you have really missed something. Thank you 7 Expressions.

7:30 open dancing began and ended at 11 PM.  It was another full night of dancing and we left tired and happy.  Michael and Michelle are gracious and very hard working hosts.  

To top off the week end, on Sunday, there was the stop by for a bite to eat before your drive home prepared by Lorraine.  Lorraine, delicious!!!  (note: Lorraine Kurtela is MS. Hello Dolly!)

2010 - 9 December Juliet Lam/students are first to Youtube Burlesque but w/o ending.

2010 - 14 December Sue and Kathy Line Dance Burlesque w/ending

2011 - 12 February The ultimate styling for Burlesque by FantasyDanceSport

2011 - 8 January Norman Gifford Youtubed his video of Burlesque per numerous email requests.