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Julia Wetzel demos Earned It. ABB ABB ABB 96/3 waltz
Julia Wetzel will be a guest instructor
@ Amy & Friends 2015 Wild Wild West RENO and
@ Exerience 2015 in San Francisco

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Julia Wetzel's One More Day is currently sitting at № 4 @ Copperknob downloads! We are Bay Area PROUD!
31 on the floor perfectly @ Swiss Park for Julia's One More Day w/47 in the hall! One week exposure; Instant HIT.
Seems Earned It by The Weekend (from Fifty Shades of Grey) is a poular track and the flood gates are open.
I just learned Julia's 'doable' waltz to this music; Earned It will be my Thursday teach.
A = 48 always to 12 & ends at 6 o'clock. B always begins 6 o'clock & 3'oclock. B = EASY to hear in the music.
Don't Let Me (Dance Card @ BnB) was a 10 minute teach this AM; Too easy for Thursday re teach.
By request, I reviewed Yes! It will be added to the Monday playlist.

Westhope Church Saratoga Intermediate Plus w/Doris & Carol
Second Saturday Saratoga Social February 14th $7 @ 7PM
Earned It 9:30-11:30 Monday Feb 2

Earned It
9:30-11:30 Thursday Jan 29
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