Line Dance Fun 2015
27 @ BnB November 27 Swiss Park w/DJ John T & his magic screen.
continous dancin' 7:30 til 11: Running, Lately, Crazy For You, *Don't Make Me Suffer, *Cliché Love Song, *No Man's Land, *Tuesday Blues, *Slam Goes the Door, *Riversoul, *Sinatra & Chardonnay, *Strip It Down, Telepathy, *Elektrisk (Monday's teach), *Won't Tell a Soul, *Shake Your Boom Boom, *Wanna Be Contigo, *WTF, *Wakey Wakey, *Hold Your Horses, *Don't Make Me Suffer, *I Hope You Find It, *Fault Line, *Rock & Roll King, Running, *Alvaro, *Never Been to Spain, Kiss You, *Better When I'm Dancing, *Sinatra & Cheap Wine (grins), **Painting Pillows, *Dock of The Bay, *Witness, *Yes, City of Angels, *East to West, Only Love, *Fly Like a Bird, Adorable, *Cliché Love Song, *Beautiful in My Eyes, *Come Dance With Me, *New Thang, *Extreme Love, *Girl Crush, *Dear Future Husband, *Feel the Light, *Wonder Train, *My Father's Son, after 10:30 Coming Unplugged, *WOW Tokyo, Loving You Tonight, Round Your Finger, *Blue Sky, NYC Funk, Get Your Shoes On, *Thankful and Dirty Work.
I was on the floor for 8 in a row, 11 in a row & 10 in a row. * = dances I've taught.
**Painting Pillows - Me and Rosa have decided will be my next Intermediate + teach. Better When I'm Dancing @ 8:32 = 23 on the floor, the most for any dance played. Extreme Love, Elektrisk (18), Strip It Down, Dock of The Bay and My Father's Son (16) were the newest to the Swiss Park floor w/o following.

Yvonne demo/teach Elektrisk (taught by Raymond & Roy H @ Vegas Explosion)

Monday Westhope Church Hall SOCIAL 9:30 - 11:30 Revised Nov 30th
Teach: Elektrisk walk Dock of the Bay (INSTANT class Hit)
Thursday Westhope CLASS 9:30 - 11
Dec 3rd Teach: Painting Pillows
last Monday class = 21st Dec. Monday class resumes Jan 4, 2016
2nd Saturday January 9th - $7 @ 7PM @ Westhope Church Hall

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