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Let Her Down Easy ...Rachael McEnaney's 32/2 NC2 w/2 restarts
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  Let Her Down Easy will be my Thursday teach.
The Playlist for Amy's April Social
. 40 on the floor for Niels' Rainmaker as Amy walked this dance just prior to putting on the music. All levels enjoyed this dance, and especially the music! Amy Oyang's April 11 Afternoon Social Friday: 30 inter/adv level and ~ 10 intermediates enjoyed ~ 5 hours of social learning/dancing. Dances taught/reviewed: Mystery of You (Rhoda Lai), Laughter in the Rain (Dee Musk) and Rainmaker (Niels Poulsen). All level of dancer enjoyed Rainmaker; I will be teaching Rainmaker on Monday.
Amy's students OWN dances, therefore it is so easy for me to follow/keep a dance together at the ballroom. Man in The Mirror (advanced) was the only dance that 1/2 on the floor were following. Fault Line was STILL to hard for ME at this venue. Last month, Ivory Towers was 'my new' one and it was HARD for me!
The dances I enjoyed re learning to join in w/30 others were: I'm Mad, Love Me Right, Post Code Envy, Trouble With My Baby, Echo, Love To You Taiwan, The Thunderer, Talkin' to the Moon, Have Fun Go Mad, Bittersweet Memory, Blurred Lines, All I Can Say (described in class as the kicky, looky AND Jessie was picking All I Can Say up off the floor while Rita was calling the steps.) Come Together 2013, Blue Sky, Come Tommorrow, Mirrors, and It's Murda. New York 2LA, Clap Happy! Ivory Towers & I Hope You Find I were my current favs that played.
The dance I WISH I had re learned was Guyton's No Life After You ...OMG that music came on and there was a rush to the floor! EVERYONE in total sync for this inter/adv dance taught to us by Guyton at Wild Wild West ...fine memories flooded me.
Amy was starting to FADE music just to fit in all the dances, no issue for SOME but when it came to Simon's All Of Me ...JESSIE started singing so we all could continue to stay on the floor and Amy gave in and let us have the whole track!
The dance I should learn is Smooth Criminal (Barry Porter & Paul Hulatt) because it fills the floor everytime I come and is even getting votes at BnB.
Rita is my inspiration, what a help she is to all that come to dance. Jessie is the FUN, watching her dance Shakin' My Head ...always makes my heart SING! Amy's ballroom afternoon social is a mini practice event for ME, a classroom for MOST.

Played All 3 Nites @ Boston Showdown:All Of Me, Chill Factor, Clap Happy!, Counting Stars, Dem Jeans, Hey Go, Hideaway Cha, I'm In Love With You, Madness, Mirrors, Need to Be Naughty (Brandon Zahorsky), New York 2 LA, Nitty Gritty, Round and Round and Rob Fowler's OLDIE, The Beast. Friday Schedule, Saturday Schedule, and Sunday Schedule. Stacy Gracia (with help from attendees) has shared The 2014 Boston Showdown Playlist.

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New York 2 LA - Rachael McEnaney Clap Happy! - Shaz Walton
Ivory Towers - Ria Vos I Just Can't Let You Go - Bos/Clota
The Thunderer - Bos/Verdonk All I Can Say - Simon/Rachael
L-O-V-E - Kathy Chang Love to You Taiwan - Maria Tao
All Of Me - Simon Ward No Man's Land - Ria Vos
I Hope You Find It - Niels Poulsen I'm in Love With You - Vane/Holtland
Kreedom - Perron/Symanski Echo - Joey Warren
Say Something - Julia Wetzel Faultline - Joey Warren
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Let Her Down Easy Thursday 9:30 Playlist April 17
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