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Rachael McEnaney's demo You'll Be Okay released at World Dance Masters, Blackpool, UK
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It's rare for a dance to be pronounced a Hit prior to 'the upcoming event' but now that most dancers are on Facebook, it might become the NORM. Within the hour after Rachael released her You'll Be Okay sheet on her website, dancers around the World were learning the steps and enjoying her choreography to A Great Big World's track of the same name. Me included. We KNOW this is an instant EVENT HIT for Rachael.
Her Birthday is today, August 26, but she has given us the GIFT!
I will teach You'll Be Okay to my students on Thursday and let them decide if this is a mainstream San Francisco Bay Area dance. The pattern is doable and flows beautifully, but the timing to this music definitely makes her label 'high intermediate/advanced' accurate.

photo design by Jessie Chan: Irene, Jean, Carol, Amy, Kai, Kathy, Lisa, Doris, Kristie and Laura.

130+ Dancers celebrated Kathy Chang's 8th year Anniversary at the Y in Cupertino on Aug 24th.
The playlist included Fault Line (Joey Warren taught his inter/adv dance at this venue on Feb 1, 2014); 100+ on the floor. Julia Wetzel was up front when Ring My Bells also had 100+ dancers. Leave Me (Cathy Dacumos), I danced the first minute w/100+ others. I stopped to ENJOY. Irene Tang 'performed' her movements to this awe inspiring music. I so wish Cathy could have been here to see for herself, the joy this dance brings.
Amy Glass dropped into the celebration and danced Love Me Right, Walking on Air and Mirrors with us.
I was able to enjoy Get It Bae, No Goodbyes and AK Freak with a full floor of dancers!
With so much Thanks to Kathy Chang for all that she does to help the San Francisco Bay Area have FUN on the dance floor. Kathy's website has all the photos documenting this special bay area mini event!

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You'll Be Okay
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